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Seeing Angels; Apocalypse of Angels Trilogy Book One

Camille Harper sees angels all around. They watch her. She is not sure why she was born with this ability but believes the knowledge will present itself in due time. When she witnesses a confrontation between a beautiful angel and a dark winged creature, the strange event signals the end of her world. Then she meets Jason and they enter an exciting but forbidden relationship. Her strange ability complicates things and puts her loved ones in danger. Camille wants a normal life, but changes lead to some apocalyptic event. Can Camille continue Seeing Angels without her life going to Hell?


“Can I help you?” a masculine voice asks. His tone washes over my body and makes my skin tingle. I gasp at the emotion that embraces me at the sound of his voice. I’m in such a state of awe as I inspect the paintings, at first, I don’t look away from the art. I let the question caress my ears with melody and close my eyes to enjoy the moment. The voice has me aroused before I see the face of who spoke the words. A large, warm hand touches my shoulder which breaks my attention. My head turns to see an angel standing beside me. My mouth goes dry and my eyes widen. An angel not only speaks but is also touching my shoulder! His brown hair is short and slightly wavy. He is lean with broad shoulders. He wears faded dark blue jeans, and a Led Zeppelin T-shirt. I’d guess he is about my age. His jawline is strong, has high cheekbones, and full kissable lips. Wow. My heart thumps. I’m woozy from the deep sensations as if I could faint. I close my eyes to gather composure but find the angel still stands beside me when I open them. There’s amusement twinkling in his eyes. Is it possible to be in love already? I’ve heard of love-at-first-site scenarios, but only thought it was in movies. I didn’t think it would actually happen to me. His hazel eyes are the most beautiful color I’ve ever seen, resembling the clear sky at sunrise. They are not human eyes. There’s a glowing violet tint coming from the hazel irises. Although I’ve observed angel eyes before, I’d never been up close to gaze into them to see details. The whole moment has me off balance. Reality and fantasy cross lines. I forgot the purpose of coming to this place. This guy is an angel, Cami, wake up! The concept gets through and I snap out. It’s another crazy moment on a different day. This is new. I’ve never spoken to an angel before. What do I say? His presence draws me, lures me. At first, I suspected the paintings drew me to this booth but now, this is an angel. An overwhelming sense of fatigue envelopes me as if I traveled all day to get to this booth to be in this moment with this angel. My knees want to give away, but sheer willpower keeps me standing. When I speak, my words fail me. I open my mouth then close it. This is a first for me, yet this isn’t a guy. He’s an angel. It took an angel to stir my senses.

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