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After the Change

Diego Conner is at school when his world changes. As soon as his classmates start killing each other, he runs. Then, when he gets home, his parents try to eat him. They aren’t zombies though. They are alive and can be killed. He simply calls them “The Changed”.

The only people he knows who haven’t changed are his friends, Sheena and Wes. With their families gone, the fifteen year olds are forced to look out for each other. But how will they survive? Who can Diego turn to? Is it Wes, a born leader or Cali, the only girl he knows? Together, can they find survivors and a new way of life? Can they face a new journey – one filled with brainless, flesh eating monsters? The prison awaits.

My review

Page Turner

This story is in the point of view of a fifteen year old named Diego. In a world ravaged by the changed (could be construed as zombies), this story was an interesting twist in the zombie fan culture. I found the story interesting and engrossing. Lots of twists and turns. I will be reading the next one.

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