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I write about love at first site and the end times. All my books are angel themed. My stories are inspired from my dreams and through my belief in angels.

Seeing Angels 1 JPG_edited.jpg
Seeing Angels; Apocalypse of Angels Trilogy Book 1

Camille Harper can see angels all around her. They appear to watch her. Why can she see angels? She doesn’t know but believes the knowledge will present itself in good time. Then she witnesses a confrontation between a beautiful angel and a dark-winged creature. The strange event will signal the end of her world.

Did the strange beings know she could see them? When she meets Jason, she gets more than she bargained for as they enter an exciting but forbidden relationship. Her strange ability complicates things on a whole new level and puts her loved ones in danger. Camille just wants to make it through the year and graduate from high school, but changes are leading up to some apocalyptic event.

Can Camille continue Seeing Angels without her life going to Hell?

Descending Angels 2 JPG.jpg
Descending Angels; Apocalypse of Angels Trilogy Book 2

After months of quiet routine living under Sam and Mya's watch while Jason is away, Camille Harper knows the situation will change when she is involved in a terrifying car chase, when Earl resurfaces, and Beth's baby shower is crashed by two angels. Why is Dr. Jones so interested in Beth's pregnancy? Reasons unfold to why Camille Harper can see angels and it takes meeting a prophetess for her to begin to understand and trust the plan.

With all the angels descending around her, Cami wonders if she can survive the pending Apocalypse.

Beyond Spells

On the eve of her sixteenth birthday, Mercedes Weaver inherits an ancient book of spells. She is told it was written by angels and given a warning, as well. She fails to heed this warning about the consequences of using the spells in the book. After Mercedes invokes an angel named William, the unimaginable happens—she falls in love with him. The closer Mercedes and William become, the deeper the situation escalates, and everyone she’s ever loved will be put in danger.

It all comes down to an inconceivable choice. If she hadn’t risked everything, she wouldn’t have met William and their love wouldn’t have gone Beyond Spells.

Skies of Heaven Cover (1).jpg
Skies of Heaven

Ariella's life had been perfect until she saw her family disappear before her eyes. Now she has found herself to be the only survivor on the planet. Everyone vanished without a trace. Just as she is about to do something drastic, she is confronted by a man claiming she is an angel with amnesia and he has been looking for her for over seventeen years. He also says that she was placed in an alternate world where she believed herself to be the only survivor.
Now Rumen and Ariella have to find Raziel, the angel who holds the secrets of the universe, who knows where the book of secrets is so they can use it to protect a special group of human survivors from being destroyed by demons.
Can their budding relationship endure the trials they must face as Ariella tries to remember who she is and to protect the remaining survivors of the human race? Maybe they will find love in The Skies of Heaven?

My Mechanical Angel Cover (1).jpg
My Mechanical Angel

The small Wild West farming community of Whitcomb was afraid of Seraphton, the shining metropolis that lies along the horizon. Reverend Archibald preached that the city was forbidden, an abomination to the world, and evil demons lurk inside despite the celestial name. Emmaline had a feeling there was more to Seraphton than the Reverend let on. Emmaline Fortenbury had always felt out of place in Whitcomb and wondered if Seraphton was really like he said. He preached like he held a grudge. What were the secrets of Seraphton and how did it connect with Reverend Archibald?


Then a stranger comes to town and the meeting changes her life. Aleksander Galloway was feared by the townspeople, but she found him fascinating. She wanted the chance to explore the world, and he seemed to be the man to help her. How can their love grow when their two towns collide? Can their love bring everyone together for peace?

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